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Research that meets our present and future responsibilities

Our research effort is based on an awareness of the large responsibility towards individuals and the global population that comes with rapid scientific progress. Our planet is shared between more than seven billion people whose living conditions and opportunities vary greatly. Increasingly, humans will live in towns and megacities, i.e. urban centres of a globalized world. It is in this setting that we need to consider the threat posed by infectious diseases, their potential to spread and the urgency of advancing our ability to fight them. In this context, the rapidly increasing incidence of antibiotic resistance represents one of the key problems. Thus, we increasingly consider it our responsibility to develop new therapies and treatment options, whether against Ebola, Influenza, Chlamydia or other diseases, in order to avoid the emergence of resistance, e.g. by using our innovative, "host-centered" approach.

We identify with the following statement of the UNESCO's World Conference on Science (1999) in it's preamble "Science for the Twenty-first Century: A New Commitment":

"The sciences should be at the service of humanity as a whole, and should contribute to providing everyone with a deeper understanding of nature and society, a better quality of life and a sustainable and healthy environment for present and future generations".

We feel bound by this guiding principle and with our Foundation and the research funded by it we want to add potential contributions towards realizing the right of the global population as well as every individual to enjoy good health.