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Emergency aid

Help us to develop a drug to fight Ebola!

So far there is no drug that is proven effective against this normally fatal infectious disease, which has killed 11,000 people in the last year and caused a humanitarian catastrophe in West Africa. The threat posed by Ebola remains a global one!

A donation of only 35 Euros enables us to test whether a particular gene is important for Ebola virus replication and thus represents a drug target structure. We already know from pilot work that of the approx. 22,000 human genes more than 300 play a role during replication of the virus, but we don't know their identity. With the aid of a specialized robot we test all 22,000 genes in a so-called high-throughput screen, and thus your help will enable us to create the basis for rapid development of a highly efficient drug therapy.

Our past successes with this innovative method in the areas of influenza, Chlamydia and Chikungunya research are persuasive; compounds against these pathogens are already undergoing pre-clinical trials.

Support our Ebola Drug fundraising campaign by sponsoring the analysis of one or more genes with your donation. You will receive a certificate for the gene that was analyzed through your particular donation and thus you are involved in the drug development in a verifiable and elementary manner. You will be updated regularly on the progress of this research. Through your donation you can chose the extent of your involvement:

1 gene = 35 Euro

2 genes = 65 Euro

5 genes = 155 Euro

10 genes = 300 Euro

100 genes = 2800 Euro

In our genetic screen for the rapid development of a highly effective Ebola drug every gene counts – and thus everyone who participates in our Ebola Drug fundraising campaign! Take part, take action!


Our donation account:

Stiftung Focus Biomed
IBAN: DE84 3706 0193 6003 8330 10


Within the Federal Republic of Germany donations are tax-privileged. The foundation accepts donations dedicated to particular projects as well as towards its endowment capital. Are you interested in supporting our work? We are happy to provide you with detailed information about different options, and of course also about our aims and ongoing activities (contact form). As a sponsor you become one of our group of benefactors and receive regular up-dates about progress in the projects we fund.